The Ocean Risk Summit aims to enhance our understanding of the risks posed by changes in the world’s ocean caused by climate change and other human impacts. The summit will help leaders from across the political, economic, environmental and risk sectors become better prepared to tackle potential broad-ranging consequences, and generate new and dynamic solutions.


Ocean Risk in context

The ocean is changing at the fastest rate in 65m years. The impacts of such changes are complex, severe, and interrelated.

A warming ocean, leading to more intense tropical storms, rising sea levels and storm surges will increase the impact of flooding with implications for planning, infrastructure and population migration. Such phenomena also threaten water and food security, as well as endangering human health through the spread of water borne diseases. Globally significant changes will also be felt from the melting of Arctic sea ice and increased ocean acidification.

These dangers are further compounded by marine pollution, overfishing, oxygen depletion, and the destruction of coastal ecosystems.

Up to now most attention has been paid to the environmental and societal consequences of these changes. The Ocean Risk perspective also encompasses the geopolitical, legal, economic, technological and regulatory impacts.


Solutions focussed

The Ocean Risk Summit will provide expert perspectives to help high level representatives of governments, the finance sector, the (re)insurance industry and other sectors to identify their potential exposure to ocean risk.

The summit will consider how to use new approaches, tools, technologies and solutions to build resilience, nurture sustainable development practices, and act to protect the ocean itself.


Bermuda 08 – 10 May 2018

Ever since Bermuda was discovered in the early 1500s by Juan de Bermudez, its history and geography has been inextricably tied to the ocean.

Located in the Atlantic Ocean off North Carolina’s coast, Bermuda’s historic towns, pastel coloured buildings and friendly people make for a unique experience. William Beebe and Otis Barton’s record breaking exploration of the deep ocean off the island in the 1930s, its healthy coral reefs and home to the 35th America’s Cup finals, all help to showcase Bermuda’s rich scientific and maritime heritage.

For all those attending the Ocean Risk Summit, you’ll be assured of a warm welcome.


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